The Story of DRCat. 2

The Story of Idle Cats

Chapter 2

Darkroomcat and the Idle Cats stepped out to the light February 2016. Before that they were nearly 1 year looking for an opportunity to do so and before that they were just drawings on paper. It is easier to say that one day I started to draw cats. And there were a lot of cats. And they developed, got ready and they are total 15 of them. Their name is the Idle Cats. What does a cat do most of the day? It sleeps, is idle, following the sun beam in the room.

At the same time I was sure I don’t like plastic or plastic bags. I didn’t like the word plastic even when I was a child.

I used cotton bags several years now during shopping or just everyday bag. But many of them were not good quality and they just kept rending. Only 2 of them carried on.

Suddenly I had an revelation – why not make myself my own bags? My design? My own Idle Cats – bold, luxurious, colourful, strong, sustainable.

That was motivating and I kept moving towards this dream.

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