Product Spider

How does the product spider would look like?

Perhaps like this one here –

This spider tells us the story how the wooden earrings are made. One way to tell it is by labels, and so many of them are repeated in
different processes. But here they are:

Idea, motive, searching, finding, drilling, photographing, a thought, developing, enlarging, material, choice, designing, planning, broken,
measuring, drawing, sawing, polishing, emulsion, packaging, darkroom, failing, broken again, work, hour, day, week, package, box, brand,
fabricator, order, money, courier, waiting, constructing, info, text, writing, thinking, layout, hooks, clue, decisions, silver, manufacturer, bag,
installing,  cut, scissors, preparing, printing, sewing, button, back-up, leftovers, cutting, buttonholes, marketing, web-shop, homepage, selling, print-run, handmade, apple tree, black and white, analogue, photograph, model, drying, UV.

And time. Time. TIME.

And that's the spider! Absolutely harmless to those who are a bi afraid of spiders ;)

There are now also 2 brooches, made with the same technique.
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