2018 Summary


The year of 2018 was colourful just as oud bag collection. Last January and February the crisis was almost here – there just wasn’t anyone who would sew my catbags! Finding a good sewer is as difficult as finding a good hairdresser or a dentist. That brought the rising of the prices but I hope all of you will forgive me!

There was a moment when I thought that this is the end or a very long pause but luckily the situation was solved. I hope it last!

We had 2 new bags also – the Dogspeeds and the Cat. And the little stripe that is in every bag, was changed from satin to cotton.

A cotton bag with the Apple Tree came out in spring and it was so popular that the photos for our homepage were ready in Autumn.

And – the very important thing happened that DarkroomCat found a very true friend from Austria :)

2 new resellers were also – Pärl in Solaris and the most lovely Catmania in Old Town in Tallinn.

Who knows what the 2019 will bring? There are a few ideas of course but lets leave room for spontaneous thinking :)
And for some surprises too.

But what I can say that the exclusive reflector brooches were so successful that they must be in the plan of this year. And maybe there is room for a new bag also.

PS, Idle Cats were traveling in 12 different places in Estonia, 16 different countries in EU - total 26 different cities. And in Moscow!

This information is based on those photos that all DarkroomCat friends have send us - a very very big thanks to you!

Spring Winds
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