Spring Winds

Spring mood

Spring is the time for creation. Grass is growing, flowers are appearing, birds are coming back. And creation is awake.

One day when DarkroomCat received its luxurious notebooks it gave an idea for another thing. How to use the leftovers, just like I print my postcards on leftovers, why not use it for making notebooks? And soon I became a happy owner of two boxes of different paper.

I started counting, measuring and designing. I asked help from a young talented person, who gave me drawings for three cover design.

I had totally 10 different design and 4 different size. I ordered covers in big sheets so I’d have to cut them myself. And then cut the papers to fit and then clamp them all together. Simple, isn’t it? But not – we had 3 hours and we got 18 notebooks and some of them had their tricks. It is not easy to make a notebook if you haven’t done any.

The most important thing about them is that they all are made from leftovers, they are handmade and the ribbons that came from
cutting the covers are used as a belt on a notebook. So the waste that comes from this work is maybe a handful of cut paper which is good for starting a fire.

It is very important for DarkroomCat and for the world. If anyone make just a tiny effort, it would be a great deal to the Earth.

Notebooks are ready for the fairs in May, which one, is clear soon in our
Facebook page and they also appear on our web-shop.

The Box of Nostalgia
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