The Box of Nostalgia

The box of nostalgia

The Story of Idle Cats continues

I part

Some time ago I was cleaning my box of nostalgia. It is this special box that probably many people have and it contains things that are important for some reason. Things that matter, from ones past, with emotional value. But since everyday life is going faster and faster and with such social noise, the box of nostalgia is ending up in the cellar. Until one day you have this strong wish to clean your cellar for no particular reason. It was just one big cleaning day.

When I looked inside the box I found my drawings that I haven’t get rid of yet and I won’t. I know I have thrown away a lot of my drawings but some remain.

And there it was. Cats, cats, cats, anno 1995.

This was the headline of one of the significant drawing. And there was even two of them. And it all was over 20 years ago! And I don’t remember it at all. But my body does.

It was a true discovery – to find out that the Idle Cats were actually going through my life all these years. And I believe it was just right time to come out again – to let themselves to be remembered.

Go Idle Cats!

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