Wooden earrings Apple Tree

With character and love – this is how these rustic earrings are made – giving new life to an old wood. Because they are hand sawn, every pair is special and unique. And because of that the edges are also of the color of the wood.

The image is enlarged from an analogue black and white negative, which means that they are all made one at a time in the darkroom.

When the photo is on the surface, the pieces are dried properly and covered with UV lacquer to protect the silver-gelatin photo.
While the earrings are not sensitive to rainy weather, dropping them into water is bad for the natural wood.

The hooks are made from 925 sterling silver.

The earrings are made in Estonia. The photo depicts an apple-tree about to sprout leaves.

Some are rectangle, some square – some altogether different.

Be courageous and be special!

Photo of the apple tree © Reet Sau

Mini Squares

Mini Hangers


Stick Hangers

Short Two Sided

Long Two Sided

XS Diagonal Two sided

Large Diagonal Two Sided

Square Two sided

Upside Down Diagonal Two Sided

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XS Square Two Sided

XL Upside Down Diagonals

Nonpendant Diagonals

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