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See the Siil

See the Siil is a reflector hedgehog. "Siil" in Estonian meaning is a hedgehog.
The cotton bag is 100% durable cotton and olive color inside and outside. The reflector on bag is the 3M quality.

It has a logo label and washing instructions inside.

Machine wash at 30 degrees of Celsius, preferably with similar colors.
Ironing is also allowed if necessary middle heat.

When possible, please lower your centrifuge, because of the 3% of the decrease in the canvas and wash no longer than 2 hours.

see the Siil cotton bag is perfect for everywhere - to the grocery's, library, for sports, to school or even beach!  

It is especially useful when it is dark outside - you have the reflector with you all the time, and it is a lot safer.

See hedgehogs in real life also! Those little animals who find their winter apartments in autumn and are crossing the roads so often. 

The hedgehog is a hand-drawing, and the bag is made in Estonia.

Measurments approx: 38 x 45 x 8 cm

Handles: 60 cm

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