Crash Test

Crash test dummies :)

Yellow cat bag from Idle Cats family was really tested, because it volunteered to a project with horses.

Two bags were presented to these horses – black and yellow bag. So they chose. Yellow of course. Extremely interesting thing. Maybe it has something in it? Worth to try! This brave yellow cat bag became a football and a thing to chew. Maybe it will reveal its contents when chewing long enough but it didn’t help – the bag lasted.

It became very muddy and no mercy were shown. Next step is to wash it and see what happens. Does it get clean and neat again?

It was good, the bag and brave and lasted but I wouldn’t recommend it to others to try ! At least not the yellow cat bag, maybe next time I offer them something darker or – even better – something more suitable for horses to play!

Idle Cats cotton bag is a strong one!

It waited 2 days for its wash and when it finally came out 30 degrees washing, it was clean, neat and not a one broken part. It was yellower than ever before !

Well done Yellow !


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The Midnight Cat

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