The Midnight Cat

Meet the Midnight Cat

Please meet the newest member of the DarkroomCat family – The Midnight Cat.

Midnight Cat is grey in the daylight but when it gets dark it will glow. Midnight Cat is a reflector cat. Dark nights and days are already here and a reflector is very important. With this cat you can do your shopping or other outside activities in the dark and don’t have to worry that you forgot your reflector. You can’t lose this one ! (Only with bag.)

Inside the bag there are also a little strap for an extra reflector or something else small and interesting.

The bag is 100% cotton. It is black inside and outside.

Cotton bag Midnight Cat is exactly the same size as Idle Cat bags :

Width 38 cm
Height 45 cm
Bottom 8 cm
Handles 50cm and 60 cm

Choose a cotton bag for your shopping, don’t buy a plastic bag!


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