The Pink Battle

How the pink became the right pink

I had a vision on the back of my scull of pale pink cats. But how to get them and where to put them?
Pink, pale pink, old pink, salmon pink. Vernal, gentle and elegant.

Through several tests I found out that the base color would be light grey. And that gray came quite easily.
So I thought – that’s it ! Let the pretty bags come ! But … it was a trap.

First attempts were absolutely wrong. Grey background stayed somehow and that was at least something. But this pale pink …
Sometimes it was too purple, then too orange, then too light, too dark, too reddish… too wrong all the time.

There was a flash at one point where it seemed that wow!, maybe I have it! But no. It was too early to party.

And days grew longer and the sun went higher every day and I had a very sad feeling about my pale pink cats. Why don’t they come? How come it is happening?

So I put the samples away and did a lot of thinking over the matter. I was almost ready to surrender and some middle ground.
At least I thought I would try and if it is still too wrong, I would put it aside for some other time.

But my printing angel, a true color queen said she would do one last battle. I agreed, we do this for the last time.

And we had victory !

Pale pink cats came and they are put. I had my vision and it came true. I took almost 3 months.

“Never, never, never give up”, W. Churchill


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