Mysterious Scent of Spring

Mysterious scent of Spring

Do you feel something different outside? One mysterious scent that just recently hasn’t been there? Have you noticed that thrushes are almost singing at the very top of trees? Trees that are still bare like everything else but still … still there are something.
Something different in the air.

Spring is always a stir. Everything is awakening, it’s like a new breathing, birds return and the ground transforms. Spring is like a brand new canvas, ready to for a fresh design. It is clear and gentle. Gentle like pink. Pink like the Idle Cats on a new DarkroomCat early spring
edition. Although everything is still grey around us, some pale light is glimmering through it. It is the description I got when I asked people about early spring and this is the result – pale coloring of aristocracy.

Light ping cats on a grey background – it is a special find, elegant and full of fragrance of early spring. And just like spring is passing fast at the end, this series of Idle cats are also limited.


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