Summary 2016

Summary 2016

At the end of January 2016 came to light first four of Idle Cats cotton bag series. Just a bit later, Ernst joined them. The first of the Masters series.

At the beginning there were four colors – black, red, green and yellow. Next color was to be pale pink and this was so difficult color to get that hunt for pink lasted 3 months – from January to March. Finally there it was – pale pink cats on a pale gray background. Handles as the same color as cats.

Early summer little Idle Cats and XS’s were ready – little bags for sunglasses or mobile chargers. They were four of them – black, red, green and yellow.

After some resistant, a blue cat-bag was ready. Blue as bright as the sky of July. Absolutely gorgeous!

Autumn was about to arrive when Ernst changed its style from chocolate brown background to natural white and ready to wear both sides. Handles remain brown.

At late autumn, when it was already dark outside, the Midnight Cat arrived. Black strong cotton bag with only one cat on its side –
a reflector cat.

About the same time first postcards also were ready and the assortment continuously grow. Short after that came reflectors with Ernst on it, to give people to ware. Buy a bag, get a reflector as a gift.

In December, the little bags for little ones – Midnight Kitten appeared. Little red and strong cotton bag with one reflecting kitten on it –
a bag for children. Or a grown-up, fitting all the most important things.

At the same time the first of the tubecats arrived. Black, red, green, blue and yellow. Wow are they energetic or what?! It suits everywhere – as a scarf, under a scarf, like a hat, under a hat, under a helmet .. you name it !

And this is the year of 2016. Soon DarkroomCat is 1 year old. What bag is ready to launch for birthday? You’ll see !

I have had a lot of reviews, good and bad. All of them are very important, all thoughts, ideas and remarks are helping products to get
better, more user friendly and strengthen the foundation of the brand.

What to expect from new year to come ? Certainly new colors, a new Master, perhaps a new animal edition ? The markings as XS, S, M, L are becoming clear. What about XL ? Wait and see !

Very, very big thanks to all who has given any feedback, all the travelers and cat-friends, friends of cotton bag and just friends.
DarkroomCat thanks all the supporters, fans, enthusiasts, idea givers, criticizers. And the absolute great thanks to those who has sent all the photos of them and the cat-bag !

See you next year!


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