2 Years in Estonia

The 2nd year in Estonia

Hello to you all my dear friends! It’s been a long time. But – old year changed recently into a new year and the map of Estonia is here for you.
DarkroomCat is 2 years old very soon and it is time to see, which places are discovered by cotton bags – Idle Cats and Masters.

Here I thank you all very much who has send me a photo of this travel. Without you, my friends, the map would be quite empty!

Last year there was 2 new-comers in DarkroomCat family – nude Idle Cats and Svart, the Master. And they too have given their part to this map.

EU map will be ready soon.

Have a nice discovery!

Tallinn, Kuressaare, Hiiumaa Kaibaldi nõmm, Viru raba, Sõrve säär, Ihasalu, Viljandi, Sangaste, Tamme-Lauri tamm, Rõuge, Piusa, Varnja, Alatskivi, Peipsi äär, Sillamäe, Kuremäe, Valaste juga, Jägala juga, Hiiumaa Kõpu, Hiiumaa Liivalauka rand, Naissaar, Ruhnu, Karujärv Saaremaa, Vormsi, Paralepa, Vääna, Heltermaa, Tallinna Teletorn

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