1 Year in Europe

First year in Europe

Cats love to prowl around, seeking adventures and they are curious. One year is full – that’s how old is DarkroomCat and Idle Cats and therefore a map is here. Map of Europe. Every colored dot marks a place where a cat bag has been. (Color marks the bag color)
The Canary Islands are also part of Europe, but they don’t fit on this map so maybe next year, when the world map is ready, there will be several dots on Canaries.

But now – DarkroomCat presents the Map of Europe.

Happy adventures for next year !

(Total: 19 different countries. Estonia, Berlin, Chambery in France, Garda lake in Italy, Gran Canary, Helsinki, Island, Georgia, Copenhagen, Cyprus, Lisbon, London, Latvia, Milano, Mons in Belgium, Poland, Skaroya in Norway, Stockholm, Scotland Dundee, Tarragona in Spain, Tenerife, Trondheim, Uppsala in Sweden, Vienna.)


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1 Year in Estonia


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